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CPRE Norfolk awarded grant of almost £10,000 to tackle light pollution


Countryside charity CPRE Norfolk has been awarded a grant of almost £10,000 from the National Lottery’s Awards for All to take action against light pollution in the county.  The award of £9,788 will enable CPRE Norfolk to carry out research, produce and promote new light pollution guidance leaflets and run a conference, as part of a year-long project entitled ‘Light Pollution – A problem that can be solved’.


David Hook, CPRE Norfolk’s Light Pollution Co-ordinator said: ‘Norfolk is the second darkest county in England and our dark skies are prized by astronomers and those who value rural tranquillity, but light pollution is an increasing problem, both in towns and in the countryside.  This is partly due to increased urbanisation, but also to misplaced fears over public safety and security, the installation of out of date and unnecessary lighting fixtures and an overall lack of awareness of the negative impact of light pollution and how it can be managed at a less intrusive level.


‘Through this project we will be able to demonstrate that this is a problem that can be solved without any negative consequences; it is simply a case of property owners and public bodies installing appropriate lighting where it is needed, and appreciating that sometimes no artificial exterior lighting is needed at all.”


As part of the project CPRE Norfolk will carry out research to establish the attitudes to, and extent of, light pollution in Norfolk villages and will also promote their recommended Light Pollution Clause (see note 4 below), which they encourage planning authorities to include in any planning permissions.


The charity will also be updating their Light Pollution Guidance Leaflet to provide the latest information on recommended lighting specifications and advice on other ways to minimise light pollution. To conclude the project, there will be a major conference in Norwich to raise awareness of latest thinking, research and technology on the practicalities and benefits of reducing light pollution and how to promote and encourage good practice.  The conference will consider aspects of light pollution such as the importance of dark skies and dark landscapes in the countryside; the facts and myths regarding lighting, security and safety and examples of good practice from parish councils, district councils, county councils, highways agencies and business.


To get involved in this project, or for further information, contact CPRE Norfolk at info@cprenorfolk.org.uk or telephone 01603 761660.




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  1.  The Campaign to Protect Rural England exists to promote the beauty, tranquillity and diversity of rural England by encouraging the sustainable use of land and other natural resources in town and country.  CPRE promotes positive solutions for the long term future of the countryside and ensures change values its natural and built environment.  The Patron is Her Majesty The Queen.  CPRE is a powerful combination of effective local action and strong national campaigning.  The President is Andrew Motion.


  1. CPRE Norfolk is the Norfolk branch of the Campaign to Protect Rural England and an independent charity in its own right.  We promote the principles of CPRE at a local level and campaign to protect the beautiful Norfolk countryside and coastline.  We have over 1500 members and supporters, a network of volunteers across the county and a local office in Norwich.  Our President is Professor Tim O’Riordan.


  1. CPRE Norfolk has been taking action against light pollution for over 10 years, liaising regularly with public and private sector bodies, such as NPS, Norfolk County Council and the Highways Agency, to raise awareness of good practice.


  1. The CPRE Norfolk Light Pollution Clause has been prepared by the CPRE Norfolk Light Pollution Campaigning Team and is used as a CPRE Norfolk standard comment about lighting.  CPRE Norfolk recommends that parish councils, local societies and other community groups use this text when responding to planning applications. The clause states:

Norfolk County Council recognises in its Environmental Lighting Zones policy the importance of preserving dark landscapes and dark skies.  In order to minimise light pollution CPRE Norfolk recommend that any outdoor lights associated with this proposed development should be:


1)      fully shielded (enclosed in full cut-off flat glass fitments)

2)      directed downwards (mounted horizontally to the ground and not tilted upwards)

3)      switched on only when needed (no dusk to dawn lamps)

4)      white light low-energy lamps (Philips Cosmopolis, LED or fluorescent) and not orange or pink sodium sources



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