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Press Release: Our Green Belt for Norwich Map

PRESS RELEASE       1st March 2018      


Unlike many other major cities, Norwich does not have a Green Belt.  The Fine City may historically have been relatively compact and surrounded by countryside, but this is becoming threatened and lost to continuing massive development proposals. The current Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) consultation, which is open until 22 March 2018, includes a question about whether Norwich should have a Green Belt. CPRE Norfolk currently has a petition calling for this at  Green Belt for Norwich Petition which has nearly 1,800 signatures.

 CPRE Norfolk’s vision for a Norwich Green Belt takes a form of ‘green wedges’ radiating from the city into the open countryside. These would follow existing green corridors such as river valleys, railway lines (used and disused) and major footpaths and cycleways, giving protected access to rural tranquillity for residents of the city, as well as routes into the city for those living outside. This form of Green Belt would still allow for much-needed development for houses and jobs, but would also help to protect Norwich’s special character for generations to come. CPRE Norfolk has produced an initial proposal map for the Planners of the GNDP to work with and hopefully incorporate in the new Local Plan.   See the map here:   CPRE Norfolk Green Belt proposals 27 Feb 2018.jpg

Chris Dady, CPRE Norfolk Chairman says:

‘As our local authorities begin the process of reviewing the adopted local plans for Norwich and its surrounding districts, with the likelihood that they will have to accommodate even more growth beyond 2026, it is now more urgent than ever that Norwich protects its green corridors for people and wildlife for the future.  A Green Belt, in the form of green wedges, is the way to achieve this long-term protection whilst not standing in the way of future development, and giving the opportunity for more links between houses and the countryside.’

 CPRE Norfolk urges residents of Norwich, Broadland, South Norfolk and beyond to add their voices to the campaign for a Green Belt for Norwich, and to take part in the GNLP consultation at http://www.gnlp.org.uk/have-your-say/ .   Help with responding can be found here.

We all benefit from the rural open character of the hinterland around Norwich and its loss would be a tragedy for us all. That’s why we must show Local and National Government how important it is to us and why it needs better protection.

 For further information about the campaign please contact:

 Chris Dady – CPRE Norfolk Chairman – 01603 720772; 07780 550047.

Michael Rayner – CPRE Norfolk Planning Campaigns Consultant: michaelr@cprenorfolk.org.uk  01603 761660 (Weds. & Thur.)

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