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If you’ve ever thought about solar panels for your home, there’s never been a better time to take the plunge.

This is thanks to councils in Norfolk, led by Norwich City Council, joining forces to make shopping for solar as easy as possible.

It’s also just the right time to take advantage  before the government’s Feed-in Tariffs, which allow you to make money from the energy your home would generate, close to new applicants in April 2019.

Residents in the county can register their interest ahead of an auction, which will take place on Wednesday 22 August, to find the supplier offering the best deal to fit solar panels to homes.  It’s completely free and without obligation to sign up at www.solartogethernorfolk.co.uk

Councillor Karen Davis, cabinet member for social inclusion said:

“We all know the benefits of using this sustainable source of energy but the complexity of researching and buying solar panels can be off-putting. And the products and services on the market can vary greatly.

The beauty of this scheme is it does all that for you. The information and free support is great and you are assured of a high-quality product and installation. So register now, it costs nothing to find out whether solar panels could work for you”.

How it works

  • Sign up for free and without obligation now.
  • Suppliers compete in an auction on Wednesday 22 August to offer their best deal.
  • In September, registered households will get a personal ‘offer’.
  • Households will have until Friday 19 October to decide if they want to take up the offer.
  • The winning (vetted) company will arrange to install solar panels in homes before the end of March 2019.

Norfolk has partnered with iChoosr, the group buying specialist.

Ruud Frijstein, iChoosr UK Solar Manager said:

“The group-buying model is proven to be a solution which helps householders to make a decision with a compelling price and gives installers access to much-needed customers. But let’s not forget – the real winner is the environment.”

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