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Say No to Mid-Norfolk Town

Initial proposals led by Lanpro Services Ltd. for a potential new Garden Town of up to 10,000 houses (a settlement the size of Thetford!) came to light earlier in the year for a site in rural mid Norfolk, between the villages of Billingford, Bintree and North Elmham.
CPRE Norfolk considers this is entirely the wrong site for any large-scale development, given the lack of appropriate transport infrastructure, employment opportunities and due to the untold damage which would be caused to the Wensum valley and rural tranquillity.
Moreover, Breckland has spent months and years drawing up and consulting on their new Local Plan which will provide enough houses to meet Government targets.
Therefore, we urge you to sign the petition set up by CANT (Campaign against the New Town), which will be handed to Breckland District Council at their Council Meeting on 25th October.

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