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CPRE Norfolk has consistently called for a reduction in the housing targets proposed under Norfolk’s local plans as they are incompatible with our core objectives to protect and enhance the rural environment.

The high level of development envisaged, much of it on greenfield sites, will lead to a severe erosion of the features that make the countryside surrounding Norwich so special. Rural areas will be suburbanised and tranquillity will diminish as population density, traffic congestion, light and noise pollution increase.

CPRE Norfolk has joined with a large number of Parish Councils, Town Councils and other organisations initially to campaign against excessive housing targets in Norfolk’s Local Plans.   To this end Parish and Town Councils have been invited to sign a pledge urging for no additional housing allocations to be built-out until sites for housing within existing Local Plans have been developed.  30% of Councils across Norfolk have signed with over 38% from Broadland and South Norfolk combined.   A full list of signatories is available here: Alliance-Pledge-Signatures

How you can help
  • Ask your parish council or campaign group to sign up to the  CPRE Norfolk Alliance
  • Write to your MP and your local council highlighting these issues.  Enter your postcode in the box below to enable you to send the letter via email direct to your local MP.


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