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Wind Turbines

CPRE Norfolk is concerned about the number of onshore wind turbine planning applications in the county, and the effect these will have on our landscape if implemented. In addition, whilst we generally support offshore wind farms, careful thought and consultation needs to be undertaken regarding any onshore infrastructure associated with such developments.

Off shore energy and associated onshore works

CPRE Norfolk generally supports offshore wind farms, but urges Vattenfall and Orsted to consider more carefully the potential negatives of the associated onshore works summarised in the EDP. In particular, the difference in damage to the countryside and environment between use of the DC or AC option is stark, and we consider it to be unreasonable for both firms to seek permission for their projects without a clear preference for one system over the other. In terms of environmental loss, the DC option will result in approximately twice as much damage to our Norfolk countryside than AC, due largely to the contrasting widths of the cabling corridors, but also due to the need for Cable Relay Stations under the AC option, but not for DC. Even though these corridors will be restored in time, the potential for ecological damage is great not least with the removal of topsoil and resulting disruption of ecosystems. The technology is available and proven for DC, with the supply and expertise for this system likely to improve during the lifespan of these projects. Surely now is the time for these companies to commit to the system which will cause least overall harm to Norfolk?

Our submission to the Vattenfall Consultation is here: VattenfallPEIR consultation

and to the Dong Consultation is here: DongPEIRsept17

Stop onshore wind turbines damaging valued landscapes

We work with local people and campaign groups to argue that renewable targets should not always override concerns about the damage wind turbines can do to the landscape.

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