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Green Belt for Norwich – New CPRE Norfolk leaflet

8th February 2021

CPRE Norfolk have published a new leaflet entitled ‘A Green Belt for Norwich?’ It details our vision for a Green Belt for Norwich, outlining the wellbeing, social, community and economic benefits it would bring.

Unlike many other cities, Norwich does not have a Green Belt. It may historically have been compact and surrounded by countryside, but this is becoming threatened and lost to development.

The creation of the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP) provides an opportunity to redress this.

CPRE Norfolk’s vision for a Norwich Green Belt takes a form of ‘green wedges’ radiating from the city into the countryside. This form of Green Belt would still allow for development but would protect Norwich’s special character for generations to come. It would also allow a new green network to be created serving the whole of Greater Norwich.

The front page of CPRE's leaflet - A Green Belt for Norwich

Download and read the full leaflet

Publication of the leaflet was kindly sponsored by the Tas Valley Society and CPRE Eastern Region.

CPRE's leaflet - A Green Belt for Norwich