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Planning advice

Three people gathered around a table studying a set of blueprints
Image by Malachi Witt from Pixabay

Planning is one of the most important ways we can control, shape and protect our environment.

If you want to influence how your community grows, the best time to get involved is is at earliest stages of the development process. This is when sites are being allocated for different uses by the local authority and neighbourhood plans are being created.

Parish councils have a vital role to play in this and will be consulted so there is greater potential to influence decisions if you play an active role in your parish council.

Responding to a planning application

In many cases, you may only become aware of a development planned for your area when a notice goes up on a local site or it is announced in a parish magazine or newsletter.

When it gets to this stage, the best way to make your views heard is through responding to the planning application and encouraging others in your community to do the same.

Understanding the complexities of the planning system can be challenging but CPRE Norfolk offers a range of publications and on-line advice.

View all planning advice resources.

Light pollution – planning guidance

CPRE Norfolk has its own Standard Light Pollution Clause that can be used by individuals, councils or groups when responding to any planning application that may use lighting in its design.

Go to our light pollution planning guidance page for more information on the policies and resources that can limit the impact of outdoor lighting on the environment.