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A car passenger's view of heavy traffic on a dual carriageway

We promote alternatives to car travel and road-building in local areas, so that we can all get around easily, sustainably and more healthily.

Rather than easing it, new roads can actually generate more traffic and therefore pollution. We promote alternatives to car travel and road-building in rural areas, and support making existing roads greener and investing more in public transport alternatives as well as cycling and walking instead.

Busy single carriageway road with traffic

The Norwich Western Link

Read CPRE Norfolk’s Position Statement on the Norwich Western Link road.

NWL position statement

Read our letter sent to Norfolk County Council on 1st June 2021 outlining our concerns

Read the letter

Is the Norwich Western Link road a bridge too far? We summarise the evidence using publicly reported general data.

Read the full story

CPRE’s Guide to Quiet Lanes

Following CPRE’s successful campaigning, local authorities are able to designate country lanes as ‘Quiet Lanes’ in rural areas, under the Transport Act 2000.

Written in 2006, CPRE’s accessible and informative guide will explain

  • what Quiet Lanes are
  • their benefits
  • how to promote them in your area – step-by-step

Download the Guide