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Wild Herb Walk foraging workshop

Two women with baskets forage for edible plants in the grass.

Wild Herb Walk

A foraging workshop run by herbalist, Katy Fullilove

Sunday 25th June, Stoke Ferry Common

Fantastic Foraging in West Norfolk.

We held our first foraging event in West Norfolk in June, hosted by the knowledgeable Katy Fullilove.

The walk in Stoke Ferry was attended by a group of CPRE Norfolk members and non-members all keen to learn more about what their local countryside has to offer them.

Luckily the weather stayed fine and attendees learnt about many different herbs, shrubs, and trees indigenous to Norfolk.

A basket containing foraged edible flowers and leaves.

A successful walk

One participant said, “What a wonderful and informative walk. The pace of the walk was easy and relaxed, and the knowledge exhibited by Katy Fullilove was amazing. It was delivered in such an accessible way that even a novice like myself could understand what was being said.

“Those on the walk who already had lots of knowledge of the multitude of uses of herbs, shrubs and trees also learned a great deal and Katy was most generous in acknowledging new information imparted to her from participants.

“There was ample time during the walk for discussion and questions and I cannot rate Katy and the chosen site for the walk too highly.”

Katy Fullilove holding an edible flower and talking about it.

About Katy Fullilove

Katy is a herbalist, community gardener and general plant lover who enjoys sharing knowledge and enthusiasm about the natural world with others.

She has a Herbal Medicine degree from the University of Lincoln, which she completed with first class honours last year, and has since set up a community interest company to help make plant medicine and information surrounding it more accessible.

This includes sharing knowledge of plants and their amazing qualities through workshops, courses and guided walks.