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CPRE Norfolk challenges the Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP)

CPRE Norfolk
By CPRE Norfolk
1st February 2022

Local Plans go through a long process before they are adopted: once they are they form a blueprint for development of all kinds for the following years.

CPRE Norfolk engages with all Local Plans across the county and has been heavily involved with the various stages of the GNLP, which is the plan for Norwich, Broadland and South Norfolk. In February and March 2022, the draft GNLP will undergo an Examination in Public, conducted by a government-appointed inspector. CPRE Norfolk has submitted evidence prior to this Examination and will be represented at it by a team including barrister, James Neill from Landmark Chambers.

The focus of CPRE Norfolk’s input will be to try to persuade the Inspector that the housing targets in the draft plan are unnecessarily high, as they are 22% (and more likely to be over 30% when all is taken into account) higher than central government demands. Such excessive numbers would be damaging to the climate, the environment, residents’ lives and to the countryside.

CPRE Norfolk’s written statements for the GNLP Public Examination can be read here (available from 5th February 2022)

The Greater Norwich Local Plan (GNLP)
A footpath alongside a hedgerow and farmland in the Norfolk countryside