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CPRE Norfolk dismayed at nutrient neutrality changes

Michael Rayner
By Michael Rayner
30th August 2023

CPRE Norfolk is dismayed by the move by government to change the status of nutrient neutrality to guidance, with the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, stating that “this is fantastic news for Norfolk, which has been particularly impacted by this disproportionate old EU rule, that stopped building happening”

Government boasts about concern for the environment are sadly being shown to be merely hollow and broken promises.

It is perfectly possible to provide new housing and to protect the environment – it is hugely frustrating that it has taken so long for appropriate measures to be brought into force, before as good as abandoning this completely.

Now some of Norfolk’s most precious and vulnerable waterways are likely to be subjected to more pollution from house-building, as well as from agricultural run-off and sewage discharges.

In addition, the cost of the proposed new measures in terms of what nutrient mitigation is to be provided through Natural England will apparently be borne by the taxpayer rather than by the developers. At the same time, the new housing will do very little to provide the affordable social housing which is actually needed.

Do you feel as strongly as we do about this issue?

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Bayfield River in North Norfolk