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CPRE Norfolk's response to the South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan Consultation

CPRE Norfolk
By CPRE Norfolk
21st July 2021

South Norfolk Village Clusters Housing Allocations Plan (SNVCHAP) Regulation 18 Consultation Response

CPRE Norfolk considers the Village Cluster approach to housing distribution proposed for inclusion in the GNLP to be neither necessary nor desirable.

It is unnecessary because the housing need requirement, together with a reasonable buffer, can be met without the need to disperse development in this way.

It is undesirable because the additional dispersal of housing that will be generated via village clusters will cause an unnecessary loss of countryside and be more environmentally damaging than an approach in which development is concentrated in and near to Norwich.

Our response to the consultation fully explains our views, including the implications for carbon emissions (and other impacts on Climate Change) from the proposed housing options.

Read our response here


A field and blue sky in Norfolk
Faye LeBon
A footpath alongside a hedgerow and farmland in the Norfolk countryside