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Light pollution survey – the views of parish councils

Early in 2015, CPRE Norfolk conducted a comprehensive survey of parish and town councils in Norfolk, to establish their views on street lighting and light pollution in the countryside.

182 councils responded, a response rate of approximately 33%, making these findings both statistically significant and a strong reflection of Norfolk parish and town council opinion.

The survey results found that:

  • the majority of parish and town councils were concerned about levels of light pollution in Norfolk and 96% of unlit parishes have no intention of installing street lights
  • security lighting, floodlighting and lighting from industry, farms, schools, pubs and garages were all identified as causing light pollution in the countryside
  • many parish and town councils were making regular recommendations on lighting when responding to planning applications, often using our Standard Light Pollution Clause

Follow the links to read the summary data report and the full data report.

Completing a survey
Image by StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay
A footpath alongside a hedgerow and farmland in the Norfolk countryside