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CPRE Norfolk Light Pollution Conference

Excessive night-time lighting on roads, commercial buildings, schools and residential properties leads to increased carbon emissions and higher energy bills, while damaging our view of Norfolk’s spectacular night skies.

But light pollution is a problem that can be solved, and anyone making decisions on external lighting found how this could be achieved at a CPRE Norfolk conference at the University of East Anglia on Wednesday 10 June 2015.

The conference was attended by lighting engineers, lighting manufacturers, astronomers, policy makers, landscape specialists, Norfolk Constabulary, as well as representatives from parish, district and county councils.

Bob Mizon from the British Astronomical Association’s Campaign for Dark Skies gave the keynote speech and an afternoon panel of local lighting decision makers debated issues around crime, lighting design, part-night switch offs, developments in LED technology and parish council initiatives.

Links to the presentations from the main speakers can be found below.

Bob Mizon, British Astronomical Association

Bob Mizon
British Astronomical Association

Protect The Night: Light Pollution and Dark Skies

(Powerpoint presentation, .ppt format)


Emma Marrington, CPRE

Emma Marrington
Senior Rural Policy Campaigner, CPRE

Shedding Light: Local Authority Approaches to Lighting in England

(Powerpoint presentation, .pptx format)


Lighting in England David Hook, CPRE Norfolk

David Hook
Light Pollution Campaign Co-ordinator, CPRE Norfolk

Protecting Dark Landscapes: Case Studies of Local Best Practice

(Powerpoint presentation, .pptx format)


Norfolk County Council logo

Matt Worden
Norfolk County Council

Street Lighting in Norfolk

(Powerpoint presentation, .ppt format)


Peter Braybrook
North Elmham Parish Council

Street Lighting Running Costs

(PDF document)

Conference in an auditorium
Image by crystal710 from Pixabay