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Your opportunity to contribute to a research study on Norfolk landscape values

CPRE Norfolk
By CPRE Norfolk
1st February 2024

Members and supporters of CPRE Norfolk are being asked to participate in a study aiming to explore the different ways in which people value the landscape.

The study is being run by Luis Sanchez Soto, a PhD student from the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds. He is leading the study on the social and cultural implications of landscape-scale conservation, with a focus on Norfolk’s rural landscapes.

This study aims to explore the different ways in which people value the landscape, and incorporate such perspectives into landscape planning and policy. By doing so, the study intends to give decision makers better information, so they can create landscape-scale conservation strategies that are effective, just, and equitable for all stakeholders.

Luis is inviting participants that live, work or simply enjoy Norfolk’s inland landscapes to take part in the study.

This includes residents, visitors, farmers, foresters, nature and wildlife enthusiasts, conservationists, among others. Insights from all these stakeholder groups are hugely valuable for the project.

Participation involves a 1-2 hour face-to-face interactive session where participants sort images representing aspects of the landscape according to their preferences and ask follow-up questions on what they value and why. Sessions are expected to be scheduled for February-May 2024, depending on participants’ availability. The interactive sessions tend to be quite enjoyable for participants, and allow them to share their views on the future of Norfolk landscapes in a way that the researchers hope will influence how future planning and policy shape the landscape.

More details of the study are in the Research Study Information sheet

Please note that anonymity will be strictly maintained. The research has been reviewed and approved by the university’s ethical review committee.

If you are interested in contributing and sharing your views of the future of Norfolk’s landscapes, please contact Luis using the details below.

Your participation is greatly appreciated and vital for the success of the research study, and Luis looks forward to the opportunity to collaborate with you.

Luis G. Sánchez Soto
PhD candidate | White Rose DTP
Sustainability Research Institute
School of Earth and Environment
University of Leeds

Contact Luis by email

Alternatively telephone 07712 451360

Peddars Way & Norfolk Coast Path at Morston
Photo © Mat Fascione (cc-by-sa/2.0)