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CPRE Norfolk recognises the need for new housing but has grave concerns over the impact of over-ambitious housing targets on the character of the countryside. Tranquillity will be lost, light pollution will increase, traffic levels will escalate, and the rural nature of much of Norfolk will be severely diminished if not lost.

We are campaigning to reduce housing targets so they are realistic and focus on providing the right homes in the right places. To achieve this, we urge that any additional housing included in new or emerging Local Plans will only be phased in once existing allocations in current Local Plans have been built out. Given current and expected completion rates, already existing allocated sites for housing would provide sufficient homes up to the end of new and emerging plans up to 2036. There is no need to allow new allocations on greenfield sites.   Please  sign up  up to support our campaign on this.

We should encourage the use of new building techniques, not only to improve the efficiency of buildings, but also to speed up the process and create new businesses. By actively encouraging and investing in self-build schemes we can take a new approach to housing provision. Current policies are simply not providing enough affordable homes: should there be direct government investment in affordable houses?

You can read more about our views on housing  here.


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