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Agriculture – sustainable food production

Hay Rolls in a farm field after harvest looking out to a blue sea sea with blue clear sky

Agriculture has always been a mainstay of Norfolk’s rural life and has shaped our county. A viable farming community is vital for our rural economy as well as the UK.

Diverse farms, both small and large, must be viable and able to invest in their soils, protecting and enhancing the environment, which has never been more important. Farmers must get a fair price for their produce, all of which should be used and not wasted.


Our agricultural land must be valued for its contribution to the beauty of our county, as well as its practical benefits such as flood alleviation.

We must protect the land where we grow our food – and recognise that the differing grades of farmland support different produce, making it all equally important.

We have a real opportunity to set an agricultural agenda that will be a model of best practice.

This must protect our natural resources and flora and fauna, allow access for recreation and education, help alleviate flooding and protect water supplies, as well as enabling diversification which supports agricultural businesses and local rural communities. We must act to minimise the huge food waste that has plagued the industry.


Do you agree we should:

  • Protect and stop the loss of our agricultural land of all qualities?
  • Enable our farmers to have economic viability, investing in their businesses, improving their soils, getting a fair price whilst protecting the rural environment?
  • Have a system which enables us to protect and enhance the natural environment?
  • Look to diversify rural businesses sympathetically?
  • Always value our land and countryside properly, recognising its many roles such as flood alleviation?
  • Enhance access for leisure and education, increasing appreciation of the value of the land?

It is common sense to tackle these issues as a priority.

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