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What makes Norfolk worth protecting?

Crops growing in a Norfolk field with trees in the background and blue skies overhead.

Not only can we prosper from a beautiful Norfolk, but we can all benefit from the things that draw visitors here.

A major part of the attraction is our ‘ordinary’ countryside – it is all too easy to overlook the benefits this brings, but it is probably our most important resource.

None of it is just ‘spare’ land.

These assets must be protected if we are to safeguard our largest employers – tourism and agriculture – which together support tens of thousands of jobs. Tourism alone contributes over £3 billion every year to Norfolk’s economy.

The county produces 20% of all the UK’s vegetables and potatoes. Our resources contribute to the health and wellbeing of the nation, as well as our future food security. Growth targets with no consideration of local issues are already threatening these things and will irretrievably damage Norfolk.

Our future prosperity lies in our countryside resources. We need to get the message to government that a balance must be reached between growing our economy and preserving our county.

We think it is essential to reshape our economic growth towards the wellbeing of communities and the permanence of nature, while protecting our key assets.

A new approach to the challenges is urgently needed before it is too late.

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