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How do we realise this vision for Norfolk?

The Milky Way over Morston Quay
The Milky Way over Morston Quay Steve Lansdell

Our countryside, landscape and historic environment are at the heart of protecting our future prosperity.

Our land is not an endless resource that can be squandered. Conserving, maintaining and improving these assets is essential if we are to prosper. This takes collective planning.

A broad church of our politicians, business leaders, farmers, conservation bodies, academics, service providers and all our key decision makers need to play a full part in all decisions taken in the future, and not be left on the sidelines. But more than that, communities must also be involved with meaningful, well thought through and responsible consultation.

Our young people must have a vital say, for this is their future we are dealing with.

All councillors, MPs, the LEP and business leaders must ensure meaningful consultations take place and our collective views are taken into account. It is a common sense approach to have a shared and agreed long term strategy.

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